Thursday, June 19, 2014

Inner light..

Unless I know what I want and what is right for me, there is no way I can be an honest person-

It really is that simple...yet my life often times feels so cluttered, noisy, busy and disjointed. Occasionally there is momentary peace and silence when I chance on something truly beautiful... For me that often includes flowers... Soft, bountiful, intricate, delicate flowers.. That also includes solitude, nature, books and the still ocean...oh and beautiful cakes and cupcakes, soft pastel photography and sunshine... The light of the sun in the early morning and the golden flow in the late afternoons...a truly glorious soft gown with such soft fabric that makes me want to cry... a man deeply in love with a woman who surrenders to her ,protecting her, delicately but fiercely...These things make my heart flutter and calm down....these things, they make me soft and kind and peaceful and warm and hopeful... These things, they make me cry sometimes and empower me....